Devotional Video Songs of Lord Muruga In Tamil Films

Lord Muruga
Lord Muruga is the prominent God of Hindu people. He is adorned and celebrated mostly in Tamil Nadu and called as God of Tamilians. He is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Lordess Shakthi. In 1960s and 1970s there were many films telling the story and pride of this god released in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Some of the movies contained evergreen devotional songs of Lord Muruga. Those songs are popular even today among Tamilians. The true devotees of Lord will get excited on hearing and viewing those devotional video songs. Knthan Karunai, Devarin Deivam and Varuvan Vadivelan are some of the popular Lord Muruga's devotional movies released at that time.

Cholla Chollla Inikkuthada Muruga

In the above song Lordess Shakthi, the mother of Lord Muruga sings the pride her son. She sings that Lord Muruga means beauty and chanting his name will give pleasure to anyone's mind. The old actress Shavithri took the role of Lordess Shakthi and it is present in old Tamil devotional movie 'Kanthan Karunai'. The song was beautifully shot as Lord Shiva is worshipping His son Lord Muruga to learn the secret of pranav mantra 'Om'.

Arupadai Veedu Konda Thiru Muruga

This song is the most popular one in which Great Tamil poet Nakkeerar and Lord Muruga took part. Nakkeerar is one who composed the literary work called Thirumurugartupadai. In this song the saint poet sings about all the six abodes of Lord such as Thiruparankundram, Palani, Thiruchendur, Thiruthani, Swamimalai, Palamuthircholai situated in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Each devotee of Lord Muruga will get excited on seeing this beautiful song. The other great thing is that we can see all the six abodes of Lord Muruga in this song. Dr. Seerkazhi Govindarajan (late), popular playback singer at that time, acted as Nakkeerar and Kalai Mamani Dr. Shiva Kumar, the senior actor of tamil film industry took the role of Lord Muruga. Kalai Mamani Shiva Kumar looked so smart and handsome and he was 100% opt to the role of Lord Muruga. The song is present in the movie 'Kanthan Karunai'.

Thiruparankundrathil Nee Sirithal Muruga

Lordess Devayani and Lordess Valli are the two consorts of the Lord. In the above song they both are singing the fame of their swami Lord Muruga. The senior actress KR Vijaya took the role of Shri Devayani and other great actress J Jeyalalitha (former CM of Tamil Nadu) took the role of Shri Valli. This song is also from the film 'Kanthan Karunai' Both actresses have performed their role very nice.

Varuvandi Tharuvandi Malayandi

The six abodes of Lord Muruga are located in different parts of Tamil Nadu. Each abode of Lord Muruga has its own story and importance. The above song is from the film 'Devarin Deivam' and was shot in one of the popular abodes of Lord, Palani in Tamil Nadu. In this song we could see the abhishekam of God by various holy things like viboodhi, rose water, panchamirtham, chandan and curd. There is an interesting story about the Lord Palani Murugan. In this song we will be able to see many devotees performing the rituals like kavadi. The shrine of Lord Muruga is located on the top of the rock highing about 120 m above ground level.

Thiruchenduril Por Purinthu

The above song was shot in Thiruthani, the other abode of Lord Muruga. Here we can see thousands of devotees performing their rituals like kavadi during festival time. The shrine of the God is located on the top of a small mountain. All the devotees are uttering the words 'Arokara' from the core of their heart while climbing on the steps of the mountain. This song is also from the movie 'Devarin Deivam'

Patthu Malai Thiru Muthu Kumaranai

The song was shot in the popular shrine of Lord Muruga located at Batu Cave in Malaysia. This video song is present in popular tamil movie Varuvan Vadivelan. We can see in this song a huge mass of devotees performing various religious activities like carrying kavadies on their shoulders, breaking coconuts and climbing on 272 steps laid infront of the temple. Every year on Thaipusam grand festival is celebrated here. The song became so popular during that period and other great plus of the song is that it was sung by the famous tamil playback singer and musician Shri MS Viswanathan and the lyrics were written by Kaviyarasar Kannadasan.