Ever-green Tamil Video Songs of Actress Sridevi

Actress Sridevi
The following Tamil video songs of actress Sridevi are most popular even today. These songs are present in the movies released around 1970s. In all these songs Sridevi looks so beautiful as she had been only a teen age girl. The beautiful acting of Sridevi, wonderful music and lyrics can be the good reasons for being liked by the lacs and lacs of her fans.

'Senthhora Poove Senthoora Poove' Song

In the above song Sridevi has acted as a cute 16 years old village girl. It is present in the movie '16 Vayathinile' which was directed by the most popular Tamil film director Bharathiraja. In this song Sridevi is dreaming about her future life mate. The song became so popular on account of wonderful music of Ilayaraja and voice of S.Janaki. Even today this song will be liked by the mass of people.

'Ninaivo Oru Paravai' Song

Sikappu Rojakkal is the name of the movie in which above beautiful song is present. In the above song Sridevi played opposite most popular Tamil film actor Kamal Hasan. Sridevi looks so beautiful in the above song and the performance of both Kamal and Sridevi will be very nice in the above song. The music by Ilayaraja is the great plus of the song.

'Agaya Gangai' song

The above beautiful song is from the movie named 'Dharma Yutham' in which Sridevi acted with the most popular Tamil film actor Rajini Kanth. The magic voice of Malaysia Vasudevan and S.Janaki and wonderful music of Ilayaraja made the song super hit that time. In this song performance of Sridevi and Rajini Kanth will be very attractive.

'Hey Padal Ondru' Song

'Priya' Tamil film released in the year 1978 is the movie in which we can enjoy above beautiful song. In this song also Sridevi played opposite most popular Tamil film actor Rajini Kanth. The song was shot in countries like Singapore. The lyrics and music of the song would be reaaly nice. Even after 32 years the people of Tamil Nadu will get exicited on hearing and viewing this beautiful song.

'Sandana Katre' Song

The above melodious song is from the movie named 'Thanikattu Raja' released in 1982. In this song actress Sridevi played opposite popular tamil film actor Rajini Kanth. The music and lyrics are by Ilayaraja and Vali. Singers are S.P.Bala Subramanyam and S.Janaki. This is also an ever-green super hit of actress Sridevi